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Niche tourism
CAO Tours & Events and the niche tourism
  Niche tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the field. In a world where the emphasis is increasingly on the individual needs of consumers, the demand for specialised vacations has come as a matter of course. We chose to specialise in historical-cultural and entertainment tourism, being some of the pioneers of niche […]
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Biertan landscape
Fortified churches in Transylvania: Biertan and Saschiz
Among the most beautiful fortified churches in Transylvania are those located in Biertan and Saschiz, two charming Saxon villages, included in UNESCO heritage. Each fortified church has its story, being a part of Transylvania’s history, which is worth discovering!   The testimony of Transylvania from the past to be preserved today in the Transylvanian Saxon […]
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The origins of Sighisoara date back to Roman era. During the first century AD, the Dacians (the ancient inhabitants of the territory of modern Romania, which eventually develop into the Romanian people) they built a fortification called Sandava. Under the Roman administration it was known as Castrum Stenarum. In the 12 th century the Transylvanian […]
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