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Niche tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the field. In a world where the emphasis is increasingly on the individual needs of consumers, the demand for specialised vacations has come as a matter of course. We chose to specialise in historical-cultural and entertainment tourism, being some of the pioneers of niche tourism in Romania.

Traveling has never been easier than at present. The technological advances and the development of the transport infrastructure of the last decades allow us to reach in record time in the most popular destinations in all corners of the world.

Travel agencies compete in low-cost, early booking, last minute, all inclusive and ultra all inclusive offers. At every moment, we have hundreds of vacations available, the only challenge being to choose the most suitable one. Most Romanians go on at least one vacation, usually in summer, at sea, but there are many who go on winter vacations for skiing or city breaks throughout the year.

Mass tourism is already part of everyday life, so from here the niche tourism has naturally developed, targeting sophisticated travellers, those who travel to pursue their most diverse passions.


And yet, what is niche tourism?


Niche tourism refers to all types of specialized tourism, dedicated to certain concepts or topics. Tourism can be created through food, sports, adventure, history, nature, etc. As for the niches in which our agency specialized, we can tell you that really the constrasts are attracted.

We have designed a series of packages designed on a historical-cultural segment, ideal for foreign tourists who want to discover the charm of Transylvania. At the opposite end, we have packages for fun tourism, dedicated to the lively young people who are looking for the hottest parties and experiences.

Discover our packages from the niche of the historical-cultural tourism:

Based in the heart of Transylvania, it was natural for our team to specialize in the tour packages for this region. And what character promotes Transylvania and Romania better if not Dracula? With the special thanks to Bram Stocker for putting Transylvania on the tourist map of the world, we have built our tour packages around the mysterious vampire known throughout the world.

Obviously, we are not limited to this aspect alone. We have created complex packages, through which we want to promote more than the legend of Count Dracula. Our main objective is to promote the culture and traditions so beautiful in Transylvania.

We currently offer three packages on the historical-cultural tourism in Transylvania, suggestively titled the Fairy tale from Transylvania, Discover Transylvania, Dracula’s Land and A Day in Cluj.

We want to specify a very important aspect: the tours are offered in the mother tongue of the clients. English, French, Spanish or German speaking groups benefit from experienced guides who master these languages ​​for international circulation.


  1. The fairy tale from Transylvania


It is a 6-day tour starting from Cluj-Napoca, which includes visits to the most beautiful villages, forts and castles of Transylvania. The tour combines the exploitation of the cultural and historical part with that of the traditional Transylvanian village and, of course, with the tasting of the most appreciated Transylvanian dishes.

On the first day of the tour, visit the city of Cluj-Napoca, with a mandatory stop at lunch for the best traditional dishes in the city. On the second day, the objectives are the Saxon villages Biertan and Saschiz. These are followed by the medieval fortress of Sighisoara, the birthplace of Vlad The Impaler, according to the legends.

On day three, Viscri, Prince Charles village, the Rasnov fortress and Brasov city are visited. Day 4 is dedicated to an impressive tour of the Peles and Pelisor castles. On the fifth day, we visit the Bran Castle, an impressive national monument of our country, and the city of Sibiu, one of the most beautiful in Romania.

The last day of the tour is dedicated to a legendary castle, the Corvin Castle in Hunedoara and the Salt Mine Turda, famous throughout.



  1. Discover Transylvania, Dracula’s Land


For 4 days, we will be following the most famous vampire in the world, in a tour of the Transylvanian castles linked in one way or another by the name of Dracula.

The tour starts in Cluj-Napoca, a city that will be explored on the first day of the tour. Don’t miss the traditional lunch with one and one pieces. This is meant to open your appetite for discovering all the fascinating places in Transylvania.

On the second day, you will visit the splendid medieval city of Sighisoara, included in the UNESCO world heritage, and the most important tourist attractions in the city of Brasov. The third day is dedicated to Rasnov, Bran and Peles castles. The castles are impressive architectural masterpieces that transport you into a world of rulers, princes and … vampires.

On the last day, tourists will discover Saschiz, an authentic Transylvanian village, where they will have many surprises. There is also a visit to Salt Mine Turda, before returning to Cluj.


  1. A day in Cluj

Short and comprehensive, the one-day tour of Cluj includes visits to the most important historical objectives in the capital of Transylvania. The Village Museum, Hoia-Baciu Forest and a trip to Salt Mine  Turda are just a few of the tourist attractions included in the package.


Party trips – Niche fun tourism

The packages in this niche are aimed at young people eager for fun. Usually, they are students and their budgets are not usually very generous. Therefore, our packages are designed to offer them an affordable price.

Currently, the main destination is Costa Brava. A tour package here includes transportation, accommodation and parties from morning to evening in the most famous clubs on the Costa Brava, but also directly on the beach or on yachts. In addition, the package includes trips to must-see tourist destinations, such as Barcelona and Venice.

Memorable parties, unstable destinations and fun how to fit in? Seriously, you can’t miss this!

So, if you want to give up the classic tourist packages and try something different, like niche tourism, it’s time to visit us! We have our headquarters on Porumbeilor street, no.21. We warn you that you will give a team of people very enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. The coffee is from the house! 😊

For more details, contact us with confidence!

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