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The most beautiful villages in Transylvania

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Saschiz village is documented since 1308-1310. The village competed with Sighisoara, at that time, at “capital of the Saxons” chapter.

Saschiz is also hiding a couple of curiosities on the national and international level. Some of them are the fortified church and the peasant fortress which was built in 1347 by the Saxons.

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Biertan landscape

Fortified churches in Transylvania: Biertan and Saschiz

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Biertan peisaj

Among the most beautiful fortified churches in Transylvania are those located in Biertan and Saschiz, two charming Saxon villages, included in UNESCO heritage. Each fortified church has its story, being a part of Transylvania’s history, which is worth discovering!


The testimony of Transylvania from the past to be preserved today in the Transylvanian Saxon settlements. The medieval atmosphere is still present on the narrow alleys, and high churches and fortresses still guard the villages.


Most of the important monuments from Transylvania were included in the UNESCO Heritage. This is also the case of the fortified churches in Biertan and Saschiz. With such a significant contribution to the life of the Transylvanian village, it was impossible not to include them in our tour packages, precisely because we want to offer you an authentic experience, to help you discover the culture and traditions of Transylvania, passed down from generation to generation. .


The fortified church in Biertan


Biserica fortificata din Biertan
Sursa foto: sibiu-turism.ro

Biertan is one of the oldest Saxon settlements in Transylvania. Its architecture still retains an authentic Saxon appearance, the old houses being carefully preserved over time. The locals are proud of the beauty of the village, which is why the architecture of the newly built houses is inspired by the old Saxon architecture.


The village is concentrated around the fortified church. It dates back to the medieval era and was built as a place of prayer, but also as a defence. At that time, geopolitical conflicts frequently broke out in Transylvania. So people needed a place to retreat if that happened.


Today, the three walls of defence that surround the church, no longer have the role of protecting it from foreign visitors. On the contrary, the settlement opened its doors for those who want to explore the beauty and history that reigns within the walls of the fortified church.


Besides the large outdoor courtyard, you can visit the inside of the church. You will be able to admire one of the most unique and complex locks ever made, located on the door of the sacristy. Also, the church has the largest polytopic altar in Tranvilania, but also an organ of hundreds of years.


In one of the church towers you will find the Divorce Chamber, which is surrounded by a fascinating story about family life and the traditional values ​​of the Transylvanian village. In this room were closed couples who wanted to divorce. They were provided with a single bed, a single cutlery and a single cup of water. After two weeks spent in the Divorce Chamber, most couples were able to overcome obstacles in their marriage, giving up the idea of ​​divorce. The family was a core value in the village society.


The fortified church in Saschiz


Biserica fortificata din Saschiz
Sursa foto: visit-mures.com


With a history similar to that of the fortified church in Biertan, the fortified church in Saschiz was built at the end of the 15th century by Saxon colonists. This impresses with its Gothic architecture, but also by the complex defence structure. The bridge of the church represents a true fortress, being equipped with shooting windows and orphans.


Near the church there is the defence tower, which is architecturally similar to the Clock Tower in Sighisoara. Over time, the tower went through several fires, being completely restored in 1832. However, since then the passage of time has left its mark on the imposing structure made of stone and brick, and at present the tower cannot be visited from the cause of the deteriorating state of being.


The beauty of Saschiz village also attracted the attention of Prince Charles, who made a habit of visiting it, along with other picturesque settlements in Transylvania. No wonder! The Saxon history, traditions and customs preserve their authenticity and charm in Saschiz.


Let’s not say more about the dishes! The women of Saschiz are perfect housewives, cooking even today after old Saxon recipes, passed down from generation to generation. This is why we included in our package the Transylvanian Baseball a stop in Saschiz, crowned with a regular tasting of traditional dishes.


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