the 7 most beautiful fortified churches


the 7 most beautiful fortified churches

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Visit with us for two days the 7 most beautiful fortified churches in Transylvania.

The testimony of Transylvania from the past to be preserved today in the Transylvanian Saxon settlements. The medieval atmosphere is still present on the narrow streets, and in churches and cities it still watches over the villages. Most of the important monuments in Transylvania have been included in the UNESCO Patrimony. With such a significant contribution to the life of the Transylvanian village, it was impossible not to include it in our tourist packages, precisely because we do not want to offer you an authentic experience, to help you discover the culture and traditions of Transylvania, passed down from generation to generation. .

During the two days visited are the following 7 fortified churches entering the medieval atmosphere starting with the 14th and 15th centuries:



Cluj-Napoca - Câlnic - Valea Viilor - Biertan - Saschiz

The first stop is at the fortified church of Câlnic, also called the small fortress with circular walls, it is an oasis of greenery, clean and well-kept, in a village that has known (much) better times. It is a real medieval ensemble where time seems to stand still as a gateway to the medieval era. The second stop is of course a UNESCO site - the fortified church in Valea Viilor is less known, but with a history, impressive architecture and a valuable artistic heritage not inferior to the next place of worship to be visit namely: Biertan is one of the oldest Saxon settlements in Transylvania. Architecture to preserve an authentic Saxon look today, the old houses being carefully preserved over time. The locals are proud of the beauty of the village, which is why the architecture of the newly built houses is inspired by the old Saxon architecture. The last stop for the first day is with a history similar to that of the fortified church in Biertan, the fortified church in Saschiz was built in the late fifteenth century by Saxon settlers. It impresses with its Gothic style architecture, but also with its complex defense structure. The church bridge is a real fortress, being equipped with firing windows and orifices.

Saschiz - Viscri - Prejmer - Dârjiu

Elsewhere, let's start our day if not in Viscri Village, one of the most beautiful villages in Transylvania. A village that managed to attract the attention of Prince Charles through its characteristic features. One of them being the fortified church which he also renovated through his foundation. Also here in Viscri, Prince Charles managed not only to bring back to life but to restore some of the splendor of old houses. The church was built somewhere in the 13th century by the Szeklers and was later taken over by the Saxons. The characteristics of this construction aroused the interest of researchers over time, however, the mysteries related to this church came to light only after excavations 1970-1971, directed by the archaeologist Mariana Dumitrache. of the Transylvanian Saxon tradition. The last tourist attraction on the list is the unitary fortified church from Dârjiu from Cetatea Slaninilor, as well as a UNESCO monument, probably one of the most important fortified churches in Transylvania. Due to the most precious values of the monument are represented by the mural paintings from the 15th century, of which without a doubt the most important is the series of paintings depicting the legend of Saint Ladislaus, which was made in 1419 at the request of Ungi István's son and which remained in a very good condition.

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